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• My music's online! I Put a lot of things on all the stores on the Internet.

Follow the links, look for Simon Thierrée on Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube...

• 10/10/2022

Creation residencies for french poetess and circus artist Marion Collé's new project "Traverser les murs opaques"

• 23/08-11/09/2022

Petr Forman's Muz Dvojhvezdy (Double-star Man) will perform again in Cesky Krumlov! (trailer below)

more info...

...more info coming soon!




Muz Dvojhvezdy by Petr Forman. Enjoy the trailer.

Recent activities

Check out Maria HarfoucheTempo Fragile's trailer. Filmed and performed as a cine-concert live in Deir-el-Qamar, Lebanon, August 2021


Excerpt from the recording of the music with the South Bohemian Orchestra

Olivier Peyon's Tokyo shaking. The music composition is all Manuel Roland. I made strings arrangements.

....recording at Dada Studios, Brussels...

Fight Bright, choreographed by Milan Tomasik.


A podcast (in French) about my experience as a violinist throughout time, places and encounters.



Suite pour Orchestre à Cordes - Simon Thierrée  

Pulsar Ensemble, cond. Steven Decraene 

Available on demand 12€ + shipping. 

Spring Quartet

Started in 2013, this project involving the string quartet Amôn and the dancers Peter Jasko and Florencia Demestri has been premiered on 28th february 2015.





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Photo gallery (Leif Firnhaber)

See the Video Trailer by Rodrigo Pardo


Full video now available here

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