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Born in 1980, Simon Thierrée started music when he was five, as he chose the violin as his instrument after his mom bought the recording of Brahms violin sonatas by Itzhak Perlman and Vladimir Ashkenazy . He graduated from the Conservatoire National de Musique de Rennes (France) in Music Education, Violin, and Composition in 1997. He followed a subsequent formation of Jazz with Pierre Blanchard (violin) and much later went back to classical music with the maestro Igor Tkatchouk, to finally graduate as conductor at Brussels Royal Conservatory in 2020.


After some experiences as professional violinist and violin teacher in various classical and jazz bands between 1996 and 1999, he devoted himself to composition and interpretation of music for the stage in various circus companies (Les Oiseaux Fous, Rital Brocante, Circo Bidone, Magda Clan, Roberto Magro and more).


He lived with itinerant circus companies from 1999 until 2006, in (horse-pulled-) caravans and vans. He also performed very often as a street musician during this period, meeting gypsy musicians from Romania and he got familiar with their language over the years.


He then settled down in Brussels, Belgium, where he joined the group of contemporary dancers Les SlovaKs, for whom he created and performed live his compositions and improvisations. He often composed for dance performances (Rodrigo Pardo, Anton Lachky, Judith Sanchez Ruiz, Milan Tomasik, Mohamed “Ben Fury” Benaji, Joost Vrouenraets and more) in Belgium, Finland, USA, Italy, Brazil, The Netherlands, Mali, RDC, Czech Republic since 2006 until today. 


He has to his credit more than 40 musical creations for stage performances since 1996, in various styles and for instrumentation ranging from solos to symphony orchestra.


He also produced, directed and conducted soundtracks for short and long films, fiction documentary and commercials (Directors: Olivier Peyon, Yvan Lemoine, Raphaël Balboni & Ann Sirot, Antoine Cuypers, Pierre Guicheney, Nicolas Rumpl).


He has been playing and/or recording with musicians such as Tcha Limberger, Mandino Reinhardt, Vinicio Capossela, Loran Delforge A.K.A. Before Tigers, made some arrangements for the belgian singer Ivan Tirtiaux, the band Applause, the composer Manuel Roland, and had his compositions played by the Brussels Philarmonic Orchestra, Pilsen Philharmonic Orchestra, Umeå Symphony Orchestra, South Bohemian Theater Orchestra, and musicians such as Jean-Paul Estievenart, Sébastien Giniaux, Quatuor Amôn, Fabian Fiorini, Claire Bourdet.

He is part and co-founder of the composers collective NONE, together with Loran Delforge and Thomas Vaquié. 

He released in 2012 a CD of his string orchestra work “Musique pour Orchestre à Cordes”.


He is now developping his musical repertory as a music composer, among with scoring for stage performances and screen works.


• Some of his musical works:

Petits traumatismes enfantins- symphony orchestra -2018-2021

Fenêtres - piano - 2021

Opus cul - soprano and piano-2021

24 Préludes pour violon et piano - 2021

Trio en ré - violin, cello, piano -2020-2021

Loup-Violin and Cello duet -2018
Piano Shorts-Piano-2016-2018
Cadenza Infinita-String Quartet - 2017
Orison and March – Brass and percussion- 2015
Triple Fall Concerto – Concerto for the Tcha Limberger Trio - 2014

Winter Sketches-Piano - 2014

Taksims-Solo violin- 2014
Spring Quartet- String Quartet- 2013
Suite pour Orchestre à Cordes - String Orchestra - 2011

Bet’ar Madrigal- for 5 voices- 2009
Giant Steps Variations- Violin Duets- 2006-2012

Symphonie en Errance- Violin Concerto - 2006

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